What is Arkayv?


Arkayv (pronounced ‘archive’ /ˈärˌkīv/) is an online marketplace that sells 3D works of architecture, designer furniture, heritage estates, and engineering marvels. With blockchain technology, we have revolutionized the access and ownership of these virtual properties, making each a unique entity through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). We are working to make design truly accessible to the people: giving everyone a chance to invest in virtual real estate, build a beautiful metaverse, and participate in the Web3 economy.

Arkayv is an online marketplace that sells 3D works of architecture, designer furniture, heritage estates, and engineering marvels.


As technology continues to innovate, the metaverse turns more practical and sensory along with it. Soon enough, it will feature hyper-realistic infrastructure. True-to-life spatial measurements and environment rendering will become a standard. Real-world architects, designers, and engineers will help design and build the metaverse’s infrastructure. It’s Arkayv’s aim to make this possible.

Design Marketplace

Through the power of NFTs, ownership of something intangible such as design can now be transferred digitally. No more printed, signed-sealed drawings needed–especially in the initial stages of design development.

The current practice of design-build has been excessive and time-consuming. Architects would usually present multiple design solutions, of which the clients usually only select one. The superseded designs then accumulate through the years, unused. Arkayv changes this. Architects and designers can now put them in a design market, built to showcase promising talent.

Clients now can select from diverse architectural and 3D design works from the world’s best designers directly from their gallery. They can buy the design of their dream home at Arkayv, and build it in the physical world through their preferred contractor.

Building Your Virtual Wealth

Market Research Future reports that the metaverse market was worth USD 21.91 billion in 2020, and is growing at a whopping CAGR of 41.7% from 2021 to 2030 — a good indication to start investing in the virtual world. You can buy and sell 3D versions of unique designer furniture, beautiful homes, and grand estates. Come in early in the fast-growing business of virtual real estate.

Aside from new designs, furniture, and state-of-the-art engineering pieces, Arkayv partners with estate owners and government agencies to digitize heritage design and architecture. It is now possible to collect certified 3D versions of architectural and engineering marvels throughout history. Original owners of estates and designs will earn perpetual royalty, which they can set, every time their property is resold.

The Arkayv Manifesto: The Future of Design-Build & Real Estate

As an open virtual property and design marketplace, you will soon be able to link your NFTs to any of your favorite metaverse apps. For example, if you have a parcel of land at Decentraland, you can buy the house at Arkayv, then easily upload and position it to your virtual lot.

Next, since most of our NFTs have buildable utility, you will be able to construct it in the real world. This would make the design a physical-digital or ‘phygital’ product. You have ownership of your house both in the digital and physical worlds. Arkayv, through its partner contractors, will build the NFTs on your physical plot of land.

Later, Arkayv will establish a decentralized autonomous organization or ‘DAO’ for design-build and real estate practitioners. The organization will guide these industries in designing and building the infrastructures on both the metaverse and the physical world.

Pioneering Metaverse’s Infrastructure Building

Arkayv exists because we want to improve the lives of our people through frictionless access to built Design. Be it for the physical world or the metaverse, we aim to provide beautiful spaces for meaningful interactions with our loved ones. Our mission is to empower architects, designers, and virtual property investors in creating beautiful assets for digital and physical environments, propagating both worlds with well-designed infrastructure. We showcase their talent, works, and designs through a decentralized community for the design-build and real estate industries–powered by Metaplex and built on the Solana Blockchain Network.

As we set out to succeed in this mission, we invite you to join us and participate in building the digital world’s infrastructure. We all deserve a beautiful, well-designed metaverse.

We all deserve a beautiful, well-designed metaverse. Visit us at arkayv.com.



ARKAYV | Virtual Property Marketplace

Arkayv is a design marketplace where you can buy & sell virtual architecture, designer furniture, and real estate using blockchain technology.